7 Best WordPress YouTube Video plugins for Videos, Newsfeeds & More 2021

7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins

7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins – Are you finding the best WordPress Plugins to integrate YouTube Videos, Newsfeeds, Images on your Website?

Everyone knows what YouTube is. YouTube is the largest Video hosting platform from the past but not going away for sure. Everyone considers using an online video hosting platform with YouTube, and YouTube is the first choice for everyone in every business. And if you are also wanted to add content from YouTube on your Business WordPress Site. You can display all of your Latest Products. The process is so easy to use 7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins.

In our post, we will introduce the best 7 BestWordPress YouTube Plugins to help you get more business on your WordPress site.

7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins

1. Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube

Embed Plus for YouTube is a rich plugin that frees for everyone to download from WordPress.org. With the help of this plugin, you can embed:

  • YouTube videos
  • Channels
  • Playlists
  • live streams

Embed Plus for YouTube lets you embedding all types of videos in the dashboard where you can control the plugin default setting and the layouts, and that is all up to you how you want to represent. This plugin provides an easy and simple way to display the video on your WordPress site by just entering the URL of the video or a live stream and displaying that link.

If you want, you can also get a premium version of this plugin, which will give you more significant features of layouts, Lazy load, Live Chat, and more. As a result, this is also a good option that will provide you the best and easy embedding on your WordPress Site.

  • Automatically Play Videos.
  • Light Themes.
  • Responsive on all devices.
  • Automatically Center all your YouTube Videos.

2. YotuWP

Suppose you want your visitors to stay longer on your website. So, YotuWP is a better option for embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress site because YouTube Videos nowadays is a game-changer to keep visitors longer on the site.

YotuWP is a free WordPress Plugin, which helps you create a videos gallery of YouTube videos for

  • YouTube playlists
  • channels
  • specific videos by unique ids

YotuWP supports single videos, but you can also import from YouTube, which supports all devices. This plugin also comes with a manageable and easily customizable layout design. And if you want, you can buy the plugin’s premium services, and then you can give more customization to the way it will look with more premium layouts and effects options.

3. WP YouTube Lyte

WP YouTube Lyte is the most popular YouTube-Plugin on WordPress.org because of the largest number of active users. WP YouTube reduces download size and improves website performance when you add multiple YouTube videos on one page. While people might look like regular videos, here plugin lets you Lazy Load your videos in a taste.

It will merely call the massive YouTube player if matched. It allows you to embed YouTube videos into your WordPress website easily. This plugin automatically picks up the standard YouTube Video links, or you can add YouTube videos and a Playlist link as well. You can use a shortcode embed on your WordPress site.

So, if you want your WordPress site performance to stay tremendous and simple, then this WP YouTube Lyte plugin is the best option.

4. WP Video Popup

WP Video Popup for YouTube

WP Video popup is the best WordPress Video Lightbox plugin. This plugin lets you add a lightbox popup on your WordPress site to embed YouTube Videos.

WP Video Popup is very light and responsive to visitors because this plugin will not affect your WordPress website performance. You don’t need to do coding. You can easily use WordPress Shortcode to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress site, and all you have to focus on is the creative video message.

WP Video Popup also provides more features, but for that, you need to buy a premium version that will let you add multiple videos lightbox popup on the same pages of your site. You can only play one video popup on each page because of the free version of the WP Video Popup plugin.

So, the WP Video Popup plugin is available to download for free on the official WordPress website – wordpress.org.

5. YouTube WordPress Plugin – Video Import

YouTube WordPress plugin is easy to use the plugin to YouTube videos to your WordPress site. This plugin automatically creates posts from YouTube Searches, Playlist, and channels. It will take all the details from the video that will fill automatically:

  • Title
  • Content
  • Video Tags
  • Images, Date
  • Video

YouTube WordPress plugin gives you the freedom to make the changes to default settings for YouTube playlist instead of post to display using Short Codes.

6. YouTube Gallery by Elfsight

YouTube Gallery by Elfsight

YouTube Gallery is also a very rich plugin for Galleries because it looks perfect after embedding for your visitors on your site. This premium plugin has many styles, layout, and gallery layout options that look catchy for visitors to attract.

YouTube gallery will also let you link your AdSense account. So, you can monetize your promotional ads with the simple steps of connecting your AdSense account to the plugin.

Generally, it has a lot more options if you want to set up galleries of YouTube Videos.

7. Feeds for YouTube Plugin (Video, Channel, and gallery)

Feeds for YouTube plugin is used by more than 200k Active users in (2020). Because this plugin also a great option if you want your YouTube videos to display on your WordPress website.

Feed gives you the option to choose gallery and grid layouts to form multiple options. This plugin is very responsive and optimized for all kinds of devices, and you can also add various feeds and display videos from your YouTube Channels on different pages.

Feeds for YouTube let you play as many videos you want to play because of the built-in button (Load More) without refreshing the website page.

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